Children's office and desks with shelves to store their things
Beautiful desks for kids. Storage systems to make a office in your children's bedrooms. It serves to maintain order in the bedroom of our children, to keep the amount of toys that throw across the floor. How can a small bedroom always be in perfect condition? Put a desk where they can do their homework and have a shelf like the one in the picture to keep their belongings.
We must keep several things in mind when buying a kids desk with shelves:
- Consider the size of the bedroom
- Take into account the number of children living in one bedroom and their ages
- Determine how much storage space you need
- Once you consider these things, then you can decide what type of storage system to use in your children's bedroom.
The shelves or modular system from the picture are called ELFA ( and placed very easily on any of the bedroom walls. The beams are placed very simply with screws and the rest is pure imagination. There are multiple components to place in the modular - shelves, drawers, accessories, etc... - of different sizes and colors for everyone to create your own storage system.

Via: Desk Design and Office Decoration 

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